I don’t live in a remote cabin in the woods, in fact, I live in Indianapolis in a house with my husband, but I spend my days mostly in solitude. Also, I love people.

I go to the store, to church, and places where people are. I’m married to another solitude-lover, and I have beloved friends and family. (Really, contemplative solitude is not possible, in a healthy way, without a connection to community.) But I am grateful to have the freedom to work and live mostly with myself and G-d for company. So, I call myself a “part-time hermit.”

This newsletter is for anyone who is interested in this kind of solitude as a part of their life, even for just a few minutes a day. Solitude for me is not loneliness, but the freedom to be with myself, listening for the presence of God.

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Field notes on solitude, the post-churchdom church, and living in the presence.


Heidi Haverkamp

I'm a writer, spiritual director, Episcopal priest, and part-time hermit.